There are things that are nice to have in a new home, and then there are the absolute must-haves. Searching for your luxury dream home? Add these to the list of non-negotiables. 

Everyone has a must-have list when searching for a new home. It could be a huge eat-in kitchen, a two-car garage, or plenty of yard space for the kids and dogs to run around. Then there are the must-haves that take your run of the mill nice home and transform it into a dream home. Searching for a new home? Dream big with these top 10 things to add to your must-have list. 

What are the top 10 features your new luxury home should have?

10. Outdoor fireplace

The ultimate must-have checklist for your new home
Outdoor living spaces that function as extensions to the home are growing in popularity. With the growing trend of hosting guests and parties outside and a higher demand for an outdoor oasis as more people work from home, a home with an outdoor fireplace is an important thing to consider when buying a home. Combined with a grilling station or an outdoor kitchen and entertainment compound, you can take an outdoor space to the next level. But look for the bare minimum with a nice outdoor fireplace or permanent fire pit.

9. Hot tub

A pool can be either a great asset or a liability, depending on your point of view. A hot tub, on the other hand, is more universally accepted as adding value. It can be therapeutic, a private indulgence, or a crowd-pleaser for guests. With lower maintenance and more reasonable installation logistics and costs, a hot tub is a worthy addition to your must-have list that won’t break your budget.

8. Big trees

Beyond the obvious benefit of adding natural beauty to your property, trees provide privacy, shade, make kids happy if they’re climbable or will support a swing, keep your house cooler, and help clean the air. Established trees are also very expensive, so adding trees to your property after you buy is a serious investment. 

7. Oversized garage

Even if you’re a single car family, the additional storage or hobby space that an oversized garage provides is priceless. Whether you need a place for bikes and your kids’ toys, a workshop or art studio, or a place to actually house your second car, having a spacious garage is a must-have amenity. Built-in cabinets and hooks are an added plus, and easy to install yourself after you buy the home. The ultimate garage storage space would also have climate control and a window.

6. Walk-in closets 

We’ll say it one more time: You can never have too much storage. A spacious walk-in closet for your bedroom is a must for every dream home. If you want to really dream big, you’ll want one in every bedroom, but ample closet space for clothes, toys, and office supplies is the bare minimum. In addition, make sure there’s a coat closet near the entry door, a pantry in the kitchen, storage in the laundry, and a linen closet in the hallway. Attic or basement storage is another thing to keep an eye out for. You get the point. Storage is big on the list of must haves.

5. Master bath spa

Second only to the kitchen, master suites are deal-makers or breakers in many home sales. The master bedroom is a blank slate to furnish with your personal touch, but a bathroom should be outfitted with the amenities you want. Today’s spa baths are personal retreats, dressing rooms, hideaways, and personal grooming spaces that add pleasure to life. An inadequate bath can also create big problems. Make sure you know what you want in a master bath—upgrading bathrooms are expensive.

4. Green features

Energy efficient appliances, insulated low-E windows, extra insulation, and workhorse HVAC and plumbing systems are so universally desired that there should be no question about them on your list of requirements. But today’s green home has ways to take it a lot further with solar panels, tankless water heaters, cisterns for rainwater collection, drip irrigation, landscape lighting, and smart heating and cooling. Energy efficient, sustainable homes are one of the most sought-after new home trends. Be sure your home has some green features or is set up for an easy upgrade.

3. Hi-Tech wiring, security, and smart features

The ultimate must-have checklist for your new home
Going hand-in-hand with green homes, smart homes are rapidly becoming a standard in new homes. With everything from smart thermostats that automatically heat and cool your home based on your habits to Wi-Fi enabled smart refrigerators that tell you when you’re low on eggs, a Jetsons-inspired future isn’t far away. The future of homes lets you use voice control to turn the lights on and off throughout your home, open and close the garage door from your phone no matter where you are, and program a robot to vacuum your floors. You’ll never have to worry if you accidentally left the oven on or the doors unlocked when you’re away ever again. 

2. Chef’s kitchen 

Whether you’re an amateur chef or a master at heating frozen pizzas, the kitchen is still one of the most important rooms in the home. It’s the epicenter of the home where guests congregate, which is why open kitchens that spill into living and dining areas are the standard in new homes. What you want in a kitchen depends on your needs, but a clean, modern space with a large refrigerator, new stainless steel appliances, and a high-powered stove and vent are important features to watch out for as you tour houses. Take it a step further and find a kitchen outfitted with a wine fridge, standalone freezer, and coffee nook. 

1. Great location

This is always the top requirement, of course.

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